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Meet Our Instructors

Nicola Rigby


Hi, I'm Nicola and I believe that fitness should be 'FUN' and for 'EVERYONE" The classes are a feel good factor for the mind and body. Lose yourself in the music and have a sing-a-long, a giggle and get fit all at the same time. Everyone is friendly and non-judgemental.

Contact - Nicola Rigby

Sarah Skinner


Hi, I'm Sarah, and I have been in the fitness industry my whole working life. I started at 18 as a professional dancer, Dance teacher, and now also a Pilates teacher and Fit X instructor. 

I love helping people develop a love for fitness and a healthy balance in life. 

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Hi, I'm Jenny. A very friendly, and hugely passionate Fitness Instructor & Health Coach who loves nothing more than helping others to get moving in a really fun way. Exercise doesn't have to be boring. Our classes are about smiles, laughter and maybe even a good old sing song too! So come along and join our wonderful community. Feel confident, feel sassy, feel healthy and strong, and release your inner sparkle. 

Contact - Jenny Jones

Nicole Pickles

Hi, I'm Nicole. 44 years old with 2 daughters. Living in Warwickshire with my girls, my husband, labrador and 2 rabbits. I discovered dance fitness in 2020 and I have to say it was my saving grace during lockdowns. A mood lifter during a very dark time. The music and movement makes me feel alive and helps me to manage my anxious feelings. Its a great stress reliever from a busy life with 2 neurodivergent children. 

Contact - Nicole Pickles

Claire Smith

After living a rich and invaluable time in Zambia for over 25 years, completing my education and running a business, I returned to the UK with my husband and children, where I established a business in bookkeeping.

I realized my desire to lead a more active lifestyle and was drawn to the energy and positivity of dance fitness. I spent over 5 years attending classes that not only boosted my mood but also ignited a passion within me. Determined to share the joy of movement with others, I embarked on a journey to become a certified dance fitness instructor.

Today, I am dedicated to helping others discover the exhilaration and wellness benefits of dance fitness, harnessing my experiences from business, to create engaging and uplifting classes that leave participants feeling energized and empowered.

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